Paper wrap solutions – your prayers answered!

In following our quest to find why there was no true environmentally sustainable magazine wrap available in the market, many printers have now converted wrapping lines to encase magazines, brochures and flyers in a paper wrap. Whilst the paper wrap solution can claim to be fully recyclable, removes the need for carrier sheets and permits access to lower Mailmark postage rates, the cost can still be expensive as printers seek to cash in on the growing demand for green alternatives to polywrap and recover the costs of converting the wrapping lines.

In mitigation providers point to the advantages of full colour personalisation providing targeted offers to subscribers or paid for advertising on both sides of the warp to offset the additional cost. Legacy Sport Media has been searching for a cost effective, fully recyclable solution for our ethically minded clients, but with tight budgets to adhere to, a criteria was not add any extra cost. Other publishers we spoke too admitted to jumping on the starched based film wrap bandwagon-not because of any true belief in it’s lower carbon footprint, but because it appeared to green to the reader.

In our search for a solution, Legacy Sport Media consulted widely with all our print, paper and mailing suppliers and eventually by working together with the UK’s largest mail and business parcel specialist, Asendia UK, found the ideal solution. Against all the hype of starch based supposedly ‘decomposable’ films, the most cost effective solution that provided all the benefits of the paper wrap is an amazing product known as an envelope!

It turns out that the humble envelope can also be fully personalised with digital colour messaging, carry time sensitive call to action messaging, qualifies for discounted Mailmark mailing tariffs and can be automatically filled with magazines, brochures and inserts on the mailing line and as a mass produced product is impressively cost efficient.

For upscale membership associations, a smartly addressed C4 envelope with a subtle 4-colour logo delivers a dignified message, underlines the organisations green credentials and underlines the value of the product inside.

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