Get your business ready to reboot post lockdown.

Itching to get the wheels turning again? How do we navigate the new uncharted business oceans to serve members and customers in the post COVID 19 world?

To revive demand, organisations need to identify zones of profitable growth by restarting marketing activity in areas that are relevant to the new norms. For many sports organisations and businesses this will involve an accelerated digital transformation to serve new client needs and choices. Even the most digitally reclusive customers have learnt to embrace online shopping, video calls and readily digest social media online – opening up new channels and markets.

Digital Rowing Magazine & app

Engaging with both new and returning customers requires a well stocked social media platform and regular (but not overwhelming) e-newsletter contact with relevant, useful content that appeals to their sports interest and lifestyle. But not all solutions are now digital. Print magazines and brochures are still highly valued by readers, are delivered to the door and don’t get overlooked in a crowded inbox. Sports organisations unable to deliver events due to the restrictions have even more motive to retain a quality print magazine to provide membership value and a tangible reason to renew.

The new world order provides a great opportunity to challenge the existing status quo of how organisations manage their communications and marketing. Agile, creative solutions such as smaller, highly targeted print runs delivered more individually can yield a better ROI. Combined with indispensable content and environmentally sustainable presentation, your business’s credibility can only escalate.

Legacy Sport Media provides publishing, consultancy and brand management services to sports federations, membership organisations and the marine industry.  We deliver bespoke sport publishing services , informed topical copy writing and ethical distribution solutions for a post COVID 19 world. Increasingly our business is providing more digital solutions to our clients, with digital magazines, brochures, e-Newsletters and websites making up much of the Legacy Sport Media portfolio. Legacy also has great options for producing promotional banners, flags, stickers and branded clothing to reboot your business this spring.

We offer a dedicated, personalised service – we love what we do and it shows in our work. Our team has worked together for over 11 years, so we have a strong core. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach and this is reflected in our work.

If you would like to know more or talk to us about a publishing, digital, or branding project, we would love to hear from you – just contact John Heyes.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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